When we allow ourselves to rest we reconnect and recharge from Source Many of us have a packed agenda of activity, constantly looking to be productive and complete a never ending ‘To Do’ list . So when we become tired or lack energy we can fight it with stimulation , caffeinated drinks or sugary foods, in order to keep going, yet we miss the essential gift that this phase of experience os offering us. When we don’t stop we slowly lose our connection to source on this treadmil


WHEN WE BOW TO THE GREATER POWER WITHIN WE ARE ADORNED WITH THE CROWN OF ABUNDANCE. Many of us believe that power Is something that we have to generate , and that we have a limited reserve so we have to select what we use our energy on., otherwise we’ll exhaust our reserves and become depleted. Yet if we are aware we can realize Sometimes when we are doing an action that doesn’t inspire us, it can drain our energy more. Its as if we are driving a car and have our foot on the