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Anxiety is the device we use to try to avoid evolving ,  instead replace it with excitement of who you will become next .

We all feel a Little anxious every now and then . Yet although on the surface we might see reasons why as that somehow we or something we own is threatened, ultimately it is that we believe we will lose something that we wish to keep .

Yet what if all the feelings and sensations associated with anxiety where actually misinterpretations of a communication that could be reframed as excitement. What if the tingle in the belly and the apprehension were because there was a shift coming that would make some fundament changes in your life.

We all have invested a lot of effort in creating a life and an identity that has cost us a lot and so we fear letting go of things until we have got a pay off for that investment. Yet what if that very attachment was what now was holding us back from our very evolution, and we are keeping ourselves limited by wanting success from the past rather than a present in this very moment.

When we feel anxious instead of holding back in resistance, it is the time to lean in with excitement. Recognize that yes something will be passing  away to make space for something new and more aligned to enter even if that is your very identity , be grateful and excited for it will always be aligned with joy.

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