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When we allow ourselves to rest we reconnect and recharge from Source

Many of us have a packed agenda of activity, constantly looking to be productive and complete a never ending ‘To Do’ list . So when we become tired or lack energy we can fight it with stimulation , caffeinated drinks or sugary foods, in order to keep going, yet we miss the essential gift that this phase of experience os offering us.

When we don’t stop we slowly lose our connection to source on this treadmill of productivity, and so we push ourselves to exhaust our reserves forgetting that our small self is not the source of our energy . The system is created to have a failsafe that once we push to hard we then need to rest , for the very reason for this is to create the space for us to shut down and reconnect to the true Source within us . To tap back in to the divine and be fueled by its infinite resource.

When we are given the clue by our bodies and our minds that it is time to recuperate, it is a communication reminding us to plug back in to source and recharge. Resting is not to be avoided but to be encouraged. Taking time to meditate, sit, breathe close our eyes and take small naps during the day. We reconnect to the BIG U , reminding ourselves once again, of the infinite resource that is available to us when we surrender and trust the guidance to rest.

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