The lost will be found when we look within and discover that it was there all the time Whatever we are searching for in our life , be it money, power or fame we are ultimately looking fpr these things to fill the void , we are actually looking for love . We believe that these things or a combination of them will bring this to us , yet no matter how much acquisition we try ultimately it will fail because the truth is that it is within us all the time and searching for it preve


We have to explore who we are not before we can discover the value of who you are One of the quirkiest things of this existence as a human being, is that we have chosen to come down and forget our origins, so that we may go on a journey of exploration . We adventure throughout our existence in many ways , trying on different roles and masks, to see what fits. Eventually we realize that this objective is never going to lead us to the result we are looking for. We come into ex


Compassionate self acceptance is the path to peace Quite often in life we can be very judge mental about ourselves and behaviors. Looking back at the post we can have regrets about things that we perceive as mistakes, that lead to situations we would have wanted to avoid . Yet these judgmental memories have a negative effect on our future for they push us onwards ,trying to make up for these past perceived mistakes by looking to achieve improvements each day . Yet to always


When we allow ourselves to rest we reconnect and recharge from Source Many of us have a packed agenda of activity, constantly looking to be productive and complete a never ending ‘To Do’ list . So when we become tired or lack energy we can fight it with stimulation , caffeinated drinks or sugary foods, in order to keep going, yet we miss the essential gift that this phase of experience os offering us. When we don’t stop we slowly lose our connection to source on this treadmil


When we celebrate and share our unique gifts , we ignite God in ourselves and by our example in others Modern thinking tends to lean towards humility adopted heavily from religion, and yet this beautiful attribute has often been misunderstood. Instead of the recognition of a higher power acting through us, we tend to use it against ourselves as a way to avoid ownership of our abilities, we get confused and in an effort to avoid egoism we choose to live ‘small’. In hiding our


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