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The lost will be found when we look within and discover that it was there all the time

Whatever we are searching for in our life , be it money, power or fame we are ultimately looking fpr these things to fill the void , we are actually looking for love . We believe that these things or a combination of them will bring this to us , yet no matter how much acquisition we try ultimately it will fail because the truth is that it is within us all the time and searching for it prevents us from realizing this .

We are all one with source, creator , the universe and all that is , is made of the eternal energy of love . When we lose our way in life and close our hearts we then block our connection with the source that flows from us outward . And we start the journey of looking for it in all things outside of us , yet we are never satisfied for love ultimately is only realized in the feeling of it , through the expression of love we discover we are Love .

This cosmic game of hide and seek is perfect in its seeming absurdity for as Buddha has taught it is only when we have exhausted the wheel of desire , seeing that all is unfulfilling that we are lead back to ourselves and find what we where searching for in was in hearts all along.

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