THE LAWS OF MAN BEND TO THE MAGIC OF THE UNIVERSE When we are inspired we sometimes falter because we see hurdles in our way , in the form of laws that seem to restrict what is possible for us . Laws of Physics, Laws of mans legal system can all seem insurmountable if we approach them from a mental perspective yet if we come from an open feeling perspective they bend to the magic of the universe . The key is to feel the feeling of inspiration and let it lead you to how you wo


Knowing needs trust not understanding Often we are so focused on intellect in the western world that we forget about Gnosis or Knowing. Intellect is the acquisition of data and ability to remember and processes it, wisdom is a deeper connection to source and quite often is beyond all logical understanding. When we limit ourselves by looking to understand everything that is occurring to us , what this leads to is us dismissing anything that is beyond that understanding. Ye


NO MATTER THE SITUATION ASK WHAT CAN I LEARN ABOUT MYSELF IN THIS EXPERIENCE Every experience that we have in life is for our benefit. When it seems a positive thing that is easy to comprehend yet when it's negative its a harder proposition yet the simple question to ask is what can i learn about myself in this experience?. The universe is always looking to educate you about yourself, you have created a personality that is comprised of many aspects , most of them adopted thro


Seek refuge in peace for it is here you'll find the grace to move forward When we are out of sorts and cannot seem to get balance , we are being called to Peace . To drop the busy agendas and make time for peaceful moments . To encourage ourselves to simply stop and be present with what is here and now , to quiet the mind and open the heart . In this space many things we have subdued can surface, yet when we allow this to happen without resistance or suppression , not needing


Authentic Expression is its own reward The willingness to authentically express what you feel in each moment , is its own reward for it enables you to experience the authentic version of yourself reflected in the the world around you . If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.PAULGOTEL.COM IF YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR OWN SELF REVOLUTION , then For Self Revolution C

The Gift of the Moment

Each step has a unique gift awaiting you be sure to pay attention to its offering. Every moment of our lives has a unique gift awaiting us . The secret is to be present and aware for when we pay attention to this present moment, the gift , the present is waiting . Sometimes can be obvious like gaining something we wanted and sometimes less so like having a quite moment of solitude and introspection that allows you to relax and surrender . Both are valuable and the key is to a


The lost will be found when we look within and discover that it was there all the time Whatever we are searching for in our life , be it money, power or fame we are ultimately looking fpr these things to fill the void , we are actually looking for love . We believe that these things or a combination of them will bring this to us , yet no matter how much acquisition we try ultimately it will fail because the truth is that it is within us all the time and searching for it preve


Time expands the more joy you feel to fill it Time is an illusion we perceive as real based on our capacity to be present in each moment, yet when we truly surrender the past and the future , Time expands to the unlimited joy that is available to be felt here and now . If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.PAULGOTEL.COM IF YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR OWN SELF REVOL


Free your Heart and your mind will follow The classic line is "Free your Mind and legs will follow " which as a DJ resonated totally with me , yet what I've found is that in order to free your mind one needs to free their heart! When we are willing to use our hearts as the primary guidance system then we are more highly tuned to the synchronization , spontaneity, and guidance that is always coming our way yet rarely given value as a legitimate source of guidance by our minds


When your hands are full trying to grasp they cannot be open to receive If we spend each day figuring out how we can be productive and gain more , we lose sight of the art of receiving. It is a simple fact that if you hand is out in the act of grasping then you are unable to open it when something is being offered to you . The secret is that the universe is always offering you something that is more valuable to your soul than you will acquire from your egos agenda . If this r


Relaxation is an opportunity to discover the benefits of no agenda In the busy mindset of the western world we can become so consumed by our daily agenda's that we forget to make time for relaxation. The ebbs and flows of nature teach us that it is essential to have periods of rest in between action but also to factor in moments of pure relaxation. The body rejuvenates , the mind clears , the emotions surrender and the spirit stills . There is space for grace to be felt and f


Facing Indecision is an opportunity to reveal a hidden fear and overcome it When we are indecisive we can become confused, yet ultimately this is a clear message that when you are feeling resistance it is time to surrender the mental processing and move forward with courage and spontaneity, for this path ahead will bring about growth and evolution. The reason we are finding things difficult is that on a subconscious level the ego knows that this decision will change things on


The wounds of our past appear in the commitments of our future until they are faced and healed When in our past we have been impacted negatively unless we have releases it this leaves us wounded , and these wounds recycle through our lives appearing in our future commitments . We unknowingly replay the energetic signature with new people and situations as the deeper part of us looks to bring them to the surface to be healed . When things reoccur we can become frustrated and l


RESENTMENT CREATES DISCONNECTION COMPASSION CREATES CONNECTION When we feel offended we often shut down and instead of expressing ourselves truthfully, we swallow and overtime this energy breeds resentment. Resentment creates a negative charge within us which repels others yet also pushes away our own internal well-being as it disrupts the flow of love passing through us by blocking it's expression. When we hold onto resentment it creates disconnection from our internal sourc


TRUE RESILIENCE IS TO OPEN OUR HEART WIDER WHEN WE FEEL THREATENED NOT SHUT IT DOWN In our lives the first reaction when we feel threatened is to shut our heart. To pull up the drawbridge and close the gates; to defend ourselves against this perceived attack so that we may make ourselves feel safe and secure. However this method actually doesn't work at all because the result is that our fear increases and our peace lessens. We have been taught that to be strong is an alignm


Enjoyment is when we choose to live in joy no matter the situation Each situation in our life is arising for one reason it is meant to bring us Joy . Wether it be something that we are happy to experience or wether it be something that removes something to make space for something new and even more enjoyable, if we can choose to simple recognize that life is serving us , we can be more available to the bliss that is our reason for existing. If this resonates Please like , sha


Stop Rushing ahead slowing down will lessen the impact and increase the learning When we speed through life we hit things hard and fast and the impact is both jarring and throws us off course , yet if we are willing to stop rushing and slow down as we approach life's challenges we can navigate them with ease , and by paying close attention learn from them and recognize their value in our own evolution. If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my maili

Life's Purpose

The purpose of life is to experience joy by the expression of Love We all have many agendas in life running constantly yet although these all seem to be important in there own way , our true purpose is to experience the joy of being and the way to engage in this is through the expression of who we truly are which is Love! If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.


Every day is your re-Birth-day for If we release the past we can choose to be reborn a new every morning Once a year we celebrate our birthdays, these are seen as special, days where we acknowledge our entry into the human existence. The point at which we chose to imagine a separation from God so that we could explore and Discover the beauty of who we truly are from the limited perspective of an individual human journeying toward the realization of our magnificent and unity w