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The wounds of our past appear in the commitments of our future until they are faced and healed

When in our past we have been impacted negatively unless we have releases it this leaves us wounded , and these wounds recycle through our lives appearing in our future commitments . We unknowingly replay the energetic signature with new people and situations as the deeper part of us looks to bring them to the surface to be healed .

When things reoccur we can become frustrated and look to blame other people for this , yet after a number of repetitions we start to realize it is actually our own inner pattern , our wound triggering once again to be looked at , owned and released. If we get stuck in finding the cause outside of ourselves we are always looking to bolster our defenses and protect ourselves , not realizing the real root of the issue is within .

The way forward is to move with courage and vulnerability , investigating our internal subconscious fears and doubts , through therapy or meditation , and looking to release the trauma . Everyone who comes into our life is looking to serve our journey toward peace and through bringing to our attention these patterns we can stop repeating them , with awareness choose a new path for our future .

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