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Seek refuge in peace for it is here you'll find the grace to move forward

When we are out of sorts and cannot seem to get balance , we are being called to Peace . To drop the busy agendas and make time for peaceful moments . To encourage ourselves to simply stop and be present with what is here and now , to quiet the mind and open the heart .

In this space many things we have subdued can surface, yet when we allow this to happen without resistance or suppression , not needing to know the answers yet simply sitting in quiet reflection we are able to give ourselves over to grace and allow that intimate force of healing to move us toward acceptance .

Quiet often we are finding it hard to move forward in life because we are needing to allow these internal shifts to take place within us , that will change the course of the decisions we would make and the direction we will take .

So honor this aspect of your growth , trust the changes that arise and move with grace as your guide .

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