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When we feel offended we often shut down and instead of expressing ourselves truthfully, we swallow and overtime this energy breeds resentment. Resentment creates a negative charge within us which repels others yet also pushes away our own internal well-being as it disrupts the flow of love passing through us by blocking it's expression.

When we hold onto resentment it creates disconnection from our internal source and from those around us, and although we are doing this in a confused attempt to protect ourselves We actually end up creating a cycle of depression within us.

Any action or communication that has caused us this disruption has actually arrived to give us the opportunity to reflect on our own internal dynamics that are being mirrored by another.

The key to this is to engender compassion in oneself, for when we can feel compassionate to another even under the banner of feeling attacked ,we can develop compassion for ourselves. Thus when our internal voice of judgment arises the deeper more graceful voice of compassion reminds us that we are each walking toward peace and as we recognize ourselves in another we create a deeper connection to our unity with All.

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