All redirections leads to new connections When we have a specific direction in mind it can be quite frustrating when it seems to be blocked . Wether it be literal physical blockages or mental ones , and wether it involves a person or institution we can feel that we are being prevented from our goal and that somehow our freedom is being limited , which can stir rebellion and anger . Yet what if there was another way to see these restrictions to our agenda? What if under the su


RESENTMENT CREATES DISCONNECTION COMPASSION CREATES CONNECTION When we feel offended we often shut down and instead of expressing ourselves truthfully, we swallow and overtime this energy breeds resentment. Resentment creates a negative charge within us which repels others yet also pushes away our own internal well-being as it disrupts the flow of love passing through us by blocking it's expression. When we hold onto resentment it creates disconnection from our internal sourc


TRUE RESILIENCE IS TO OPEN OUR HEART WIDER WHEN WE FEEL THREATENED NOT SHUT IT DOWN In our lives the first reaction when we feel threatened is to shut our heart. To pull up the drawbridge and close the gates; to defend ourselves against this perceived attack so that we may make ourselves feel safe and secure. However this method actually doesn't work at all because the result is that our fear increases and our peace lessens. We have been taught that to be strong is an alignm


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