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When we feel exhausted we normally believe its because we have expended too much energy trying to achieve something, which in most cases is true however there is a deeper dynamic at play . When we are  using force to achieve it we have in some way lost our connection to source . We have moved into insistence to try to make something happen .

The issue with this is that we are running from the mindset that we know best and that the 'How' we have decided is the best way to, yet when we insist on this we meet resistance and this is the feedback we need to listen too . When we force something and don't pay attention to our intuition we literally disconnect from source , and cut ourselves off from our energy supply . So we can push ahead yet this will exhaust us .

Eventually we see this pattern effecting us negatively and if if we get a result we pay for it in the stress involved. If we are able to see this we can choose an alternative method, where we notice the resistance and instead of forcing the issue we lean back and let go allowing space for us to be redirected. When we reconnect to source we access infinite energy that is our true vitality, no longer fighting  but welcoming the subtle winds that guide us to live an authentic and empowered life , dropping all insistence and resistance.


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