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Facing Indecision is an opportunity to reveal a hidden fear and overcome it

When we are indecisive we can become confused, yet ultimately this is a clear message that when you are feeling resistance it is time to surrender the mental processing and move forward with courage and spontaneity, for this path ahead will bring about growth and evolution.

The reason we are finding things difficult is that on a subconscious level the ego knows that this decision will change things on a fundamental level and it threatens its very defensive mechanism. Yet although it's understandable , this protection has become a prison and now it is time to break free from those previous boundaries and venture forth .

The opportunity offers us the ability to see where we have become contained by our inner voices of responsibility and this has stolen our vitality and excitement in life . When we jump forward trusting our heart and listen to the F**K YES , we allow the universe to take hold and manifest the most amazing and unexpected opportunities with grace and ease .

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