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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Every day is your re-Birth-day for If we release the past we can choose to be reborn a new every morning

Once a year we celebrate our birthdays, these are seen as special, days where we acknowledge our entry into the human existence.

The point at which we chose to imagine a separation from God so that we could explore and Discover the beauty of who we truly are from the limited perspective of an individual human journeying toward the realization of our magnificent and unity with all.

Yet although we choose to make this one day a year significant the opportunity is to remind ourselves that each day we can be reborn if we choose to drop the past. Instead of carrying around all the extra weight we have added to ourselves we can unload the baggage limitation that we identify with and choose to re-create ourselves in the next greatest version of the grandest idea we ever had about ourselves.

In this way each morning before you enter the world take time to go into silence unconsciously ask yourself watt ideas or beliefs or identifications no longer serve you and unhook them from your mind allowing space and flexibility so that Watt remains can be restructured into a gnu and dynamic being.So celebrate your re-birthday live to the fall and be grateful for all you encounter in this reflection called life.

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