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Relaxation is an opportunity to discover the benefits of no agenda

In the busy mindset of the western world we can become so consumed by our daily agenda's that we forget to make time for relaxation. The ebbs and flows of nature teach us that it is essential to have periods of rest in between action but also to factor in moments of pure relaxation.

The body rejuvenates , the mind clears , the emotions surrender and the spirit stills . There is space for grace to be felt and for the delicate hands of peace to stroke you into a calm slumber of acceptance.

When we are ready to drop our agenda we discover the amazing benefits of simply relaxing that are so often missed in our everyday lives . To stop , breathe and give space to ourselves reminds us that we are bountifully complete here and now . That no addition is needed , we are taken care of in each moment by the providence of the divine and it is only in stopping that we see this wealth that we have available right here and now !

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