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The Gift of the Moment

Each step has a unique gift awaiting you be sure to pay attention to its offering.

Every moment of our lives has a unique gift awaiting us . The secret is to be present and aware for when we pay attention to this present moment, the gift , the present is waiting . Sometimes can be obvious like gaining something we wanted and sometimes less so like having a quite moment of solitude and introspection that allows you to relax and surrender . Both are valuable and the key is to always recognize that and approach each moment with gratitude and generosity.

Sometimes the gift you'll receive is actually the gift of giving , where you come to a moment and discover that it is an opportunity for you to be gracious and generous with you time , to listen to help , to hold space , yet always the benefits effect both yourself and the other .

So move a little slower , be a little

More aware and notice the abundance that life is always reflecting to you in each Moment , and how that providence can be shared with all by your nature and compassion.

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