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Knowing needs trust not understanding

Often we are so focused on intellect in the western world that we forget about Gnosis or Knowing. Intellect is the acquisition of data and ability to remember and processes it, wisdom is a deeper connection to source and quite often is beyond all logical understanding.

When we limit ourselves by looking to understand everything that is occurring to us , what this leads to is us dismissing anything that is beyond that understanding. Yet there are inner senses that collectively pick up energetic information from many levels in our surroundings and without realizing it we quite often are hit with a Knowing. Somehow we just know that is the right way or that is the wrong way, and as we learn to tune in to the this we discover a whole new level of guidance.

What is required is trust, and this is only acquired when we are willing to take a risk and go with our intuition; our instinct; out innervoice. The more we do this we are lead to unexpected situation and results. That at first may seem to be not what we wanted but Later discovered to be exactly what we needed. So as we strengthen our resolve to listen to this guidance, this knowing, our trust no longer needs understanding to move forward and we become more available to spontaneity and synchronicity and the magical doors of mystery open in our lives.

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