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We have to explore who we are not before we can discover the value of who you are

One of the quirkiest things of this existence as a human being, is that we have chosen to come down and forget our origins, so that we may go on a journey of exploration . We adventure throughout our existence in many ways , trying on different roles and masks, to see what fits. Eventually we realize that this objective is never going to lead us to the result we are looking for.

We come into existence as an amazing child of Source, fully expressing that connection we feel. That is why babies and toddlers are so vital and expressive for they are very close to God. Then perfectly we go on a journey of forgetting . This internal confusion blocks our connection to Source and in striving to be fulfilled we look for the outside to do it. We decide that who and what we are isn't good enough and so we go on a mission to improve ourselves, add to ourselves to try and gain that which was in us before our fall.

Although this might seem crazy it is only through the exploration of who we are not that eventually through exhausting all possibilities we are led back to the discovery of the value we held within us in the first place. Yet we could not know this without the contrast of trying so hard to add value to us from our achievements and accolades in our life. These eventually prove to be hollow and as we remove these layers and these masks and these roles looking for Authenticity to guide us , we eventually discover that we are the Source of all we could need within us . However the secret is, it is only experienced when we give of ourselves in inspired service to others!

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