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Compassionate self acceptance is the path to peace

Quite often in life we can be very judge mental about ourselves and behaviors. Looking back at the post we can have regrets about things that we perceive as mistakes, that lead to situations we would have wanted to avoid . Yet these judgmental memories have a negative effect on our future for they push us onwards ,trying to make up for these past perceived mistakes by looking to achieve improvements each day .

Yet to always be hard on ourselves is at the root of our unrest. Our concerns and worries are like weeds planted in the past and keep growing into our present , disrupting our ability to recognize the gifts that are present here and now. The only one carrying our past around is ourselves and when we realize this and are ready to stop repeating these stories we can forgive ourselves and be free to recognize our authentic beauty that was always present throughout our journey.

The path to the peace we seek is within us and it os called acceptance. To accept ourselves completely, "warts and all" to realize that every single person and situation that we encountered in our lives was integral in crafting who we are . And instead of judging these as right or wrong see them as honing the amazing being we are , with all our experiences leading us to have greater understanding and compassion for others , removing the lies and misunderstandings and seeing the perfect expression of source that we are .

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