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True abundance is not sought but expressed!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

When we attempt to grasp we disrupt our authentic flow of expression where true abundance lies

If we enter into each moment with the goal of getting something from it, we have an agenda that disrupts our authenticity.  So that instead of truly showing up we attempt to gain an outcome or result which we wish to have and this prevents us from being truly present to what is in each moment.

We unknowingly manipulate ourselves to achieve this agenda and the result which follows may well be what we wanted to gain, yet it matches a false version of ourselves that had to be altered in order to do so. We now build a life that acquires people, places and things aligned to a false identity and become trapped within it.

True abundance is not sought but expressed . We are the source of all and when we allow ourselves to courageously and generously express from this place without attempting to get something in return, we recognize it is in our own natural honest expression that fulfills us with more than anything we could get from outside .

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