A NEW YEAR IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO DROP THE OLD STRUCTURE OF IDENTITY AND WELCOME THE FREEDOM OF FLUIDITY Each moment we are renewed, and ever flowing fluidity of experience that dances through this journey of life . Yet quite often we can become attached to our memories of ourself and this identity becomes a rigid structure of personality that after time restricts the true expression of who we are in this very moment . A new Year holds a symbolic ideology within this world that


Our ultimate creation is ourselves and it is a continuously evolving everyday Through out our lives we seem to be occupied with putting energy towards creating things on the outside , our careers , our Homes , our families yet ultimately all of these are external echoes of our greatest creation ourselves. However if we become so enamored with the exterior manifestations we can lose sight of this and start to spend more time focused on them than on what they are a reflection o


UNCOVER THE LIES OF YOUR INADEQUACY AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH OF YOUR CAPABILITIES In life when we are met with a challenge we can under mind ourselves by saying we don’t have the necessary capabilities to gain success . So often we tell ourselves that we cannot do something and feel unable to overcome this inertia so we avoid the path ahead saying it wasn’t meant to be . The thing is all challenges that appear before you in life have been placed there specifically by yourself ,