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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Our ultimate creation is ourselves and it is a continuously evolving everyday

Through out our lives we seem to be occupied with putting energy towards creating things on the outside , our careers , our Homes , our families yet ultimately all of these are external echoes of our greatest creation ourselves.

However if we become so enamored with the exterior manifestations we can lose sight of this and start to spend more time focused on them than on what they are a reflection of . We can neglect the only place where real change is always taking place , within us . This can lead to frustration at trying to force change on the outside rather than recognize the stuck energy on the inside .

Our true creativity is a continuous journey of evolution within us. We are an ever changing fluidity, and when we can allow the movement of our internal soul to dance in freedom without attachment to our investments of identity , life becomes a reflection of this delightful rebirthing beauty every moment .

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