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There is no superiority of potential only equality.

When we arrive into this human form we have all started with the same infinite potential, equal in or ability to express our lives as the highest vision we have about ourselves .

As every moment passes in our life we make decisions , wether to go with our intuition or not and each one of them defines who we are in that moment and presents us with the next opportunity from that place.

Every choice we have made has set about our path and the journey we take , none of us is superior to another for we all have the same unlimited potential , yet each of us is equal in our ability to craft the life that we most wish to learn and evolve from , and as we do this we focus on the areas which will bring about this learning .

So of course on a human level if we specialize in an area we can gain a skill that another might not have , and if we focus on self evolution we will be more aware in that area , yet the point is that together we all make up the totality of the creator and thus each of us are equal parts of the You-nification and all essential. To the whole !

Our only purpose is to realize that potentiality and let it guide us on a path of self Integrity, knowing that when we each show up with this expression we are all giving equally to the totality of Life’s expression!

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