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LIberation from Betrayal

All betrayal is born from self betrayal #betrayal #selfbetrayal #forgiveness #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery - When in our judgement we feel someone has wronged us in some way we understandably feel betrayed, we might even notice a pattern of this in our lives and thus each situation leads to a more protective stance when we are looking to open our hearts and trust , we do the opposite and become more wary of each encounter trying to protect ourselves , yet slowly we lose what we desire which is to open our hearts and feel the love longing to be expressed through us .

So where does this feeling arise ?.. all betrayal originated in self betrayal, or to put it another way when we are not authentic , when we compromise what our true expression and communication would be for the hope of another’s approval we betray our own integrity . When we act this way it means we have set up a trade , a behavior that consciously or unconsciously has conditions attached to it and when these are not met we feel betrayed !.

Yet the thing is we feel we have given our love and had it not recognized or valued yet the truth is we have put a condition on this exchange and since Love is the absence of Conditions then this is now a barter that hasn’t necessarily been agreed upon by the other and carries the weight of demand , “ I’ll love you if !” Of course this then builds resentment in the other and eventually leads to an act that we righteously call Betrayal.

The opportunity here is to look at the root cause the condition that was set in order for us to justify our own compromise ( Self Betrayal ) and to notice when we choose to no longer be authentic but portrayed a mask of love in order to gain something .

If we notice these moments and instead take the risk of vulnerability when we find ourselves with the choice to be honest or please another falsely we can be humble and share with integrity allowing and encouraging the other to meet us in that space as well , giving birth to a connection that invites courage and compassion , knowing that each moment spent in that space is never a moment of regret!

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