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Rejection is Redirection


We have all felt Rejection in our life from our earliest years we express our natural self and then have it corrected and this feels like a rejection of who we are eventually we learn to coerce ourselves and start to create a false self , an idealized self whose goal is to not be rejected , but approved of .

We go through life shutting down our authentic flow for the sake of a pay off of approval from others and ourselves , yet eventually we realize this inauthentic self no matter how grand is suffocating who we are !

We realize that the cost to our self is greater than the payoff and we start to emit a disquiet whilst still trying to behave how we think we should .

When life Rejects you it is not rejecting your authentic self but your inauthentic self no matter how grand for if it would support that you would continue to lose your true being , so rather than seeing rejection as a negative , simply realize it is now time in your life to align with your integrity , to risk losing all that was built around a fake persona and be redirected to that which is in harmony with your true Self !.. Thus see all this guides as a gift and be thankful as you are brought closer to your own effortless magnificence!

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