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The Magic of optimism

Optimism is an invitation for magic to enter your life! #paulgotel #evernow #innerpower #optimism #invitation #life #allow #positivity #thebigu #bigu #magic

it’s precisely when things are being removed from your life that we can fall into pessimism, however in order for an upgrade to arrive we must make space for it to be received , and so often we hold on to what no longer serves us because it once did !.. it can be a belief , a person, a possession an idea !.. but when we chose it we where in a different place with a. Different agenda , and now that we have grow what once served us no longer does !

In order to allow the next greatest alignment to arrive we can cultivate a attitude of optimism, being grateful for what we we learnt and allowing the past to pass gracefully away , allows the magic of something new to arrive with harmony !..

So if you are holding onto something that is proving difficult and stressful then release with trust , let go of the insistence to keep it and resistance to the new , allowing Magic to appear !..

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