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A brush with death is a reminder to drop our fears and be more courageously & HONESTLY alive then ever !

( personal message -On Aug 8th , I got to face another journey through the portal of fear as i was rushed in to ER after collapsing, I am safe and recovering at home from a acute Kidney infection , but went through the full Covid emergency room treatment, which fortunately came out negative . I am in such gratitude to all that helped and supported me and the lessons that so quickly arose for me to face and surrender another layer of my identity at the alter of the past , so I may arise renewed, lighter and more true than before, i realize this was an opportunity for me to release the unconscious fear that had been building over the last 5 months and , in facing this i am lighter and so much more grateful for every breathe in every moment, and committed to living more courageously, vulnerably and honestly then ever )

Each time we are faced with death, whether it be our own or a close loved one , we get shocked into the present moment and suddenly all the unimportant stuff of our lives fades away and becomes irrelevant, we are shown what is truly important to us and that is what we love.

All fears ,doubts and worries seem pointless and irrelevant and our heart opens without these cluttering restrictions that normally keep us so stifled and protected, and in this moment we have the opportunity to allow the true expression of our hearts to melt the restrictive prison of our masks and show us our true beings.

At this time when many of us are faced with this sobering prospect , we are being given the opportunity to reevaluate everything in our current circumstances and realize that by losing of a job , the changing of a business , the moving away of a connection , is giving us a powerful moment of pause. We can choose to use this time to build a new blueprint that is courageously honest and powerfully true to who we are under the previously held blanket of limitations, Redirecting our lives to a whole new purpose.

A literal reincarnation is occurring if you are ready to surrender the past.

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