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IMAGINATION- To take the Image of our dreams and imprint it into the screen of our lives.

The magical ideas that arise in our inner vision are not some random pictures but the inspiration born from our innermost yearnings to experience the wonder of our lives in a new and wonderful way .

What we Experience every day , every moment is created within the layers of our consciousness, arising from the subconscious and born in the unlimited context of our dreams .

Wether we are aware or not of the part we play in the movie before us , when we awake every day we boot up our personality and enter on stage to play our part , seemingly at the mercy of all other aspects of the play before us .

But what if we were the authors of our own script , the screenwriter and the director as well as the actor performing and what if every moment we could allow a new inspiration to create a rewrite an improvisation of what we previously thought unchangeable?

Before you start each day take a moment to consider how you would like the day to play out and invoke your imagination , and take that new Image and place it on the page for the day ahead and watch the magic unfold without attachment but with excitement !.

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