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THE BIG U - 2/21/21

“I choose to totally trust the guidance of my emotional GPS knowing that as i free myself from the stories of oppression, I reconnect to my lost children and open my life to their creativity and exciting optimism.”

Emotions are “Energy in Motion” , they are the natural and beneficial feedback mechanism of our human system , the GPS -( God Provides Signs - as Wayne Dyer said) that are always updating every minute based on our every thought and word , and adjusting the feedback appropriately, looking to give is guidance toward the destination we currently say we wish to reach .

Each natural positive emotion is simply a different communication in our GPS , Fear, (wrong direction) Anger , (Time to Leave ) Grief ( Drop Off ) Envy ( Right Direction) & Love ( Receive) , some of these might seem negative yet when listened to in the moment with out suppression they are all helpful i go into the this in more detail inChapter 12 of my book The BIG U - A Guide to Self Revolution on Amazon.

When following this guidance we are lead towards the discovery of the aspects of our innocence that where hidden away as we grew up in order for us to protect them , however the castle of protection became a prison and as we choose a path of healing we will need to take down these walls and free our lost children, that have seemed like demons in the dark yet are actually parts of our being that hold the magical elements of our childlike nature , innocence, spontaneity, creativity, exuberance, vitality that once freed inject us with these qualities in our Adventures ahead !..

LIFEBOOK is an inspired life coaching system by Jon and Missy Butcher , based on splitting life into 12 Categories and then defining for ourself what we wish to attract in each of these categories .

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