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1st Corner of Love - PASSIONATE LOVER - 4 Corners of Love - Decoding the structure of relationships by Paul Gotel.

All Relationships , wether romantic or friendships , bring gifts and challenges , usually wrapped up in each other , and one of the challenges is how to decipher the different aspects that come into play.

The object of this Model is to break down the singular concept relationship into four corners, each having their own attributes !.

The first Corner we’ll pinpoint is the LOVER corner , with its main goal to be infused with PASSION.

A Passionate Lover is one who allows the flow of love to express outwards fully with out restriction, with all they relate to in life . To not hold back this natural expression of their true essence for any false fear that it is limited or that it needs anything in return . The true nature of Love is the absence of conditions , and the only way to truly feel love is to express it unconditionally with a passion for life , realizing that this is the greatest feeling one can have to express you true self unreservedly.

Within the Love corner are many aspects , Romance , Eros , Sensuality, Sexuality, Attraction , Chemistry, Charisma , Beauty , Touch , Intimacy. Tenderness & Passion.

This is the fire of attraction that is ignited , and we can feel it both in a sexual relationship but also in a friendship with a man or woman without sexuality. It is often the 1st corner to cause a relationship to occur , yet needs to be nurtured and stoked to create an ongoing fire that fuels the other corners.

( for More details watch for 4 Corners of Love events and workshops coming soon )

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