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The BIG U - 9/ 11/20

Whenever we are frustrated with another it is an opportunity for us to look at our own inner judgments.

Quite often in life we can be irritated by another’s behavior and if we get stuck on our judgment of them we are missing the opportunity presented in this challenge.

The reason you are being triggered by this behavior from another is because of two things either it is a behavior you yourself express and it is a direct mirror or it is a behavior that you suppress and because you judge yourself so harshly for it another expressing it brings about anger.

The opportunity here is instead of looking at the other to look at yourself to see where you can release The energy inside of you that is causing the behavior or release the restrictions you are putting on yourself so that you may live more balanced and true to your own expression.

So today whenever you find yourself reacting negatively to another immediately turn around and reflect on the emotions and the story that you carry inside and how this gift is directing you towards your own freedom.

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