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Instead of trying to lose your mind invite it to be totally present here now.

So often in life when we are filled with frustration and confusion we seek to blame the mind, the ego a matrix that we have within our consciousness that quite often seems to be running nonstop without any sense of control, literally the monkey mind.

However the mind is like a collective of programs that you have adopted over many many years and every morning when you boot up your personality, your ego it is booting up all of these different programs, these little conclusions that you have made unfortunately quite often a lot of these programs are at odds with each other since they were adopted at different times of your evolution.

This creates the confusion that we so often try to check out from by using drinks, drugs and addictions however the mind is the most powerful tool when used in alignment with your purpose. It has an amazing Intellect That can be used to observe and analyze Harvesting the rewards of wisdom from the experiences in your life.

So instead of trying to check out stop and invite your mind To unhook from the past and the future and to apply that amazing device to the present moment. To develop the observer, the witness this is the essence of meditation and as one practices is ancient art we realize the gift of the mind when disassociated from your programs is one of an immense Ally for you to see the clarity of this moment.

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