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If we are the recipient of judgement from someone else, we can feel often that it is unjustified and that the other person doesn't understand the situation correctly. We feel off and a sense of guilt and shame . In an attempt to avoid this uncomfortable feeling , especially if we feel there are mitigating circumstances we adopt the posture of a defense attorney, to prove our innocence and assuage our Guilt.

We either get triggered outright and launch an offensive strategy straight away , bringing out the big guns of righteous indignation; anger , pride , sometimes shouting  in an attempt to win justice for ourselves, we often seek to destroy the credibility of the other, even if we supposedly love this person like family.

Alternatively we withdraw and take on the role of the passive aggressive wanting them to feel 'bad' for their unjust accusation and play a waiting game hoping they will see the error in their ways and apologize, so you can talk again.

If we have done some self work and read some books we can believe that this is 'none of our business' and to 'not take it personally' yet the problem with this method is that it can lead to us adopting our own sense of righteousness and distancing ourselves from many people in our lives slowly reducing our connections with those we feel have offended us and are not evolved enough to be in our lives .

Is there another way ? Is there a different option ?.. Yes Humanity OS3 as one of its basic tenets is that we are all one , and that everything and everyone is a reflection. So the other way is to walk the path of ownership. To recognize that as much as we feel the injustice on some level what we are hearing from another is a aspect of our own internal voice  of judgment.

From this perspective everything becomes an invitation to inquire deeper within our own selves . To ask on what level do we either suppress our natural authenticity because we fear a negative consequence or desire a positive outcome. What is , IS !.. and it is only when we start the inquiry from this perspective can we understand the gift of all external feedback is to heal our own internal wounds .

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