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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Adventure beyond your self and discover who you can be

We are all designed to thrive in adventure, yet a lot of modern thinking, is aligned around safety and security, which adventure seems at odds with . Often we will retain limited self beliefs , that we 'cant'or 'shouldn't or 'wont' to protect ourselves, yet these are actually detrimental to our growth.

The truth requires risk ! Meaning that each choice will either having us playing safe or avoiding risk or leaning right into it . This is why the device of adventure exists in our life . It offers us the opportunity to head into the unknown , for it is here that we will have to stretch ourselves and go beyond our previously limiting idea of who we are .

If we choice to be more adventurous and  open up to opportunities for new and unexplored possibilities we will discover new and unexplored aspects of ourselves in the process . We are so much more than what we previously thought we were and whatever we might lose along the journey will make space for us to expand beyond our old shell , breaking out into the freedom of who we can be !

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