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Aim high

Never accept average aim for the sky for you are you only limitation

In life we can be so afraid of disappointment that we learn to set low expectations , and then because this becomes subconscious we accept this as our lot in life !.. That some are lucky and perhaps we are unlucky, so we should be happy with what we've got , but not in a gracious way but in a sense of berating ourselves . So we learn to live life at the minimum and judge ourselves if we don't find it fulfilling.

Yet although the secret to happiness is to be grateful and acknowledge what you have , to allow this thinking to stop you from going for your dreams, turns into a game of self sabotage .

Our only Limitation is ourselves and when we aim low it's because we have adopted a lesser opinion of ourselves because we are not living authentically and so we lower our goals to a life of quite mediocrity.

The answer is to have the courage to take risks in life , to live with authenticity and remove the masks of humility that have us playing small. When we live BIG allowing the magnificence of our divine nature to shine through us then we attract a magnificent life that reflects our willingness to live at our fullest without limits , and we can reach for the stars ✨

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