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Updated: Jun 7

When we find ourselves alone, we have something to learn from who we are.

Humans are social animals , and evolved to be in tribes to support each other and thrive, so its no wonder that many of us seek to be in the company of others and shy away from being alone .

Yet, just like the in-breathe and out-breathe ; we all need the reflection of aspects of ourselves that are seen in the relationship with others,  and also the time alone to reflect on this.  and discover the truth that is revealed.

When life gives us the opportunity to spend time alone wether unexpectedly or chosen it is because there is something to learn from that inner contemplation, a deeper truth to be discovered within.

When we stop our outward activities, space opens for us to look within and harvest the bounty of those external interactions. Dropping the internal stories which no longer serve us  and clearing the way for the next chapter of our lives  to be walked along a more authentic path .

Make space for Internal reflection as part of your weekly routine .

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