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Suffering is caused by attachment, release the old and we allow a new possibility to enter our  lives

When something is leaving our lives, it can trigger and a sense of loss which often is an old memory from childhood. Yet when we look underneath it, that can be a deeper reflection of rejection. Whether it be feeling rejected by a parent or friends, or a loved one, the sense of not being chosen can bring about suffering as we seek to hold onto a person in our lives.

This attachment is more about us, avoiding loss, than the benefit of retaining this connection. Because when somebody is leaving our life it is because it no longer serves either party. We hold on to the memory when in actuality, we have completed the contract we came into each others lives to Share.

If we are willing to recognize this, and instead of grasping , release a grip on the old energy we open ourselves up to a new possibility. The greatest way to do this is with gratitude. Being grateful for everything that we have learned and taught each other and how we have grown together. Frees us from the story of suffering and invites an exciting new opportunity into your life.

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