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One of the strongest delineators of success is self-confidence which at its root comes from resilience. Our belief in ourselves, our ability to be able to handle with grace and ease whatever life presents us with. Yet quite often in order to achieve success sometimes we put our authenticity second.

The new operating system humans 3.0 suggests, there is an upgrade to accessing a much wider spectrum of confidence built by our ability to come from a healthy authentic place. When we have the courage to place authenticity as our major guidance system we let go of the judgment of loss and gain as the measure of success and understand that all outcomes are seeing our evolution.

Confidence builds overtime with us being willing to take risks. Losing the fear of making mistakes, recognizing this is actually the opportunity for us to learn. Each  experience may seem positive or negative yet ultimately we can look back and see the gains we have made from stretching ourselves. Each specific challenge travelled through reaps rewards that collectively build a  knowledge base that can be applied to many different situation's, so our confidence grows exponentially as we learn to trust the higher purpose to each authentic guidance we choose to follow , and know with hindsight each cloud has a beautiful silver lining.

What challenge faces you that you can step into courageous authenticity ??

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