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Authenticity is the expression of liberty

We all strive for freedom in our lives yet don't realize that the reason we feel trapped is our attachment to our own identity. It is our investment in this that causes us to feel restricted in our choices for we are continuously trying to live up to an idealized version of ourselves.

This means that in each moment we choice to do what we believe to be the right thing or the good thing instead of what is the true for us in that moment.

We edit our decisions based on how we wish to perceive ourselves . Weighing up wether we will succeed or fail and have this override our authentic expression .

Yet this corruption of our own true nature continually erodes our self belief , and has us looking for external validation ,since we have betrayed ourselves and want recognition from the outside to support our worth. To break this cycle of imprisonment we must recognize the authenticity is the expression of liberty and when we trust our inner voice we will discover the key to our liberation was locked within us all the time .

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