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A vessel that is full cannot flow

a vessel that is empty can be filled Eternal

Many of us believe that life is about filling ourselves up for we fear the emptiness. We seek to ingratiate ourselves with many different goals or objectives, and quite often once achieved we then look for the next in this constant game of trying to fulfill ourselves from the outside.

Yet if you are full, then you bring yourself to the place where you can no longer. Flow as you are stuffed with all your acquisitions, becoming blocked to the new and unexpected.

If we instead recognize the beauty of emptiness and allow things to pass through us without attachment, or grasping, we can recognize that this is true freedom of one's being, for when we empty of anything, we can be fulfilled by anything in a constant ever-changing state of fulfillment. The more we express, release and share this , the more space we make for this expansion to continue.

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