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Everybody wants to be heard by themselves

There is a very famous saying, “What does everybody want?…is to be heard! “ Yet there is a deeper level to this because what we all really want is to be heard… by ourselves!

Many of us seek attention from others and will manipulate our own behavior to get it. Generally, what we seeking is positive attention, but as any parent knows, if we can’t get positive attention as children will do something naughty to obtain any attention, even if it is negative.

The root of this desire to be heard is because we have stopped listening to ourselves. When we live an inauthentic life, we are constantly compromising to gain the approval of others. When this approval comes at the cost of inauthenticity, It never actually fulfills us.

Self betrayal is a refusal to hear our own in a voice, for the sake of being heard by others. the way out of this is to start listening to ourselves and to use that authentic voice as a positive guidance in our life.

Commit to start listening to yourself today!

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