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Benefits of tranquility

Updated: Nov 11, 2021


When we are in activity we can feel on purpose and as if we are achieving something , yet that is also space for the other side of being, for when we drop into Surrender we receive the healing balm of tranquility.

Quite often we believe that the only way to be productive or to achieve an outcome is through action, yet the sages of the east have often been sharing with us that it is the benefits of inactivity in that enable us to find a balance between the outward expression and inward introspection.

Factoring in periods of tranquility to our lives whether it be walking, reflecting, meditating, we gain internal healing from the balm of tranquility and this shifts our compass so that instead of activity to gain something , we have activity to give something.

So give value to both Dynamics for each one nourishes the other and creates harmony and balance within ourselves.

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