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When we Remove all reward, requirements and results we become a  clear channel for Source

Normally in life whenever we enter any situation we have an agenda. Our reason for engagement has a particular goal in mind and this creates a direction , that we believe will bring us what we want . This is a very common way of interacting and are usually operating from this place of subconsciously.

However we can be very unaware that this way of behavior limits the possibility of each interaction to a specific roadmap and we will not only manipulate others , directing the conversation towards our own objectives but we will also unknowingly edit ourselves , perverting our own authenticity in the process .

When we release all reward , requirement or result we become a clear channel for source . As we practice this non attachment style of connection we become more and more adept at learning when we fall into insistence and at those times lean back giving space for others to share . Conversely when we feel Resistance we courageously engage opening ourselves as a clear channel for authenticity to be shared and from this place all are divinely served.

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