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All coincidences are synchronicities waiting for us to discover their gifts.

In life we've adopted a dismissive attitude to coincidences , we somehow have taken a word that means two joining incidents that coincide to bring about a specific outcome and have reduced it to mean its to be ignored .

The reason we've taken this standpoint is that quite often the situations or experiences seem to be unconnected to our logical mind and so we feel justified in editing them out of our consideration as it feels unimportant.

Yet what if the things that occur that seem disconnected on a mundane level is exactly the time that the universe is communicating on a grander viewpoint and these seeming unrelated events are very specifically aligned .

So instead of dismissing the coincidences start to notice them , tune your radar to the synchronicities that are orchestrated for your highest evolution and let them guide you along a path of opportunity and mystery towards new discoveries of yourself and others.

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