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REALTIONSHIPS - The Self you lose in relationship with life is not who you are the Self you discover is .

A post came through today about the school of relationships , it seems this is the edge , that the biggest fear talked about these days is of losing oneself in the relationship ....yet also I'm hit with an intuition that perhaps there is a little bit to much self attachment occurring as if one was always a static being that could be lost by something exterior ? ... My Truth seems to say that that which is outside is a reflection of what's inside and the being I see before me is there to give me the opportunity to see my true nature , the challenges and the attractions are all part of my losing aspects of the ego that are holding me back from my highest essence , as the only thing that can ever be truly lost is a lie... The truth of who I am is only ever revealed deeper in every experience that comes to me as I am never out of a relationship with life and it's soul purpose in all guises is to show me who I really am by stripping the layers of confusion that I have been so invested in calling my self...

Liberation is an ongoing process and is the gift of relationship so if I dive deep without fear , who I truly am cannot be lost but has every chance of being found by my willingness to lose my attachments to my small self so my BIG YOU is revealed . #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #maui #inspiration #discover #self #selfdiscovery #loseoneself #relationship #letgo #trust #courage

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