Assuming responsibility for another is always just an assumption In life we have many situations that seem to demand we assume responsibility for another , however the truth is when we do so it is always an assumption that does not actual tell the full truth . For each of is no matter the role we play where we adopt responsibility for others ie Parenting, ultimately every being is responsible for their own journey and the choices they make to craft it . Most of us in human so

Acceptance Leads to Resolution

ACCEPTANCE OF ANY SITUATION IS THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS ITS RESOLUTION The first step towards resolution is acceptance. Quite often we are faced with challenging situation and our first thing we do is resist it. We try to avoid it we try to negate it, we try to push it on somebody else, yet it is only when we truly own what is happening in that we can start the process towards resolution. Every challenge that comes to us is going to lead us on a journey whether it be an exterio


Move forward with positivity for no matter the outcome you'll be rewarded with the joy of being For most of us in life we don't like to be disappointed so we often wait for good news before we allow ourselves to become excited about the outcome. We have an idea of what we want and only feel happy if what happens align with this. Yet what we don't realize is this restricts the possibilities and has us living limited by our expectations. Everything that happens is a consequence


WHEN YOU GET A YES DON'T SECOND GUESS All of us have an internal Guidance system , a sixth sense , that will point us in the right direction towards our dreams yet quite often the direction it leads us too doesn't make sense based on our our current level of thinking . When this happens we second guess it and because we cant see the logic or it doesn't align with what we think is the correct way we dismiss it . The thing about this is that it is coming from out higher self


BE BOLDLY OPTIMISTIC IN THE FACE OF FEAR FOR THE GIFT IT OFFERS YOU IS SELF BELIEF Usually our first reaction when faced with fear is to close down and retract , we worry about what might happen in convince ourselves to make small choices to avoid negative consequences. Yet this kind of behavior limits our decisions and quite often we talk ourselves out of doing what we want because of this. Our true guidance always requires to risk something old in order to make way for some


FEEL THE EXPERIENCE YOU WOULD LIKE AND THEN SET IT FREE TO APPEAR IN WHATEVER WAY IT SHOWS UP When we are hoping to manifest an experience we can get caught up in the exact idea of how it should appear , yet this limits the opportunities that could come your way as our projections are always limited by our expectations. The key is to call to mind the feeling we wish to experience , close our eyes and then to feel it completely, with as much sensation as we can imagine , and t


BE GUIDED BY YOUR INSPIRATION NOT YOUR DUTY Many of us have grown up with a sense of duty and it is strongly associated with what we believe is right and wrong . Our inner matrix of personality has this interwoven within it and yet a lot of the adopted beliefs are no longer relevant to this day and age , and specifically if we have moved from our home town and culture sometimes they can be at odds with our current life situation. The biggest issue though is that they are ofte


Whatever you witness arises for another trust they have all the abilities to overcome and evolve from the experience In this world we have many people in our lives; lovers, friends , family , colleagues and strangers. We interact with these many reflections throughout our lives and one of the most challenging things is the paradox of wanting to help and allowing them to learn . The action of love is to be of service yet when we take on another's challenges for ourselves we c


When your hands are full trying to grasp they cannot be open to receive If we spend each day figuring out how we can be productive and gain more , we lose sight of the art of receiving. It is a simple fact that if you hand is out in the act of grasping then you are unable to open it when something is being offered to you . The secret is that the universe is always offering you something that is more valuable to your soul than you will acquire from your egos agenda . If this r


MOVE TOWARDS ALL OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR EVOLUTION In our lives we are given opportunities that we are confused about taking because we're not sure where they will lead or what will happen. Yet having the courage to step into the unknown is an invitation for our evolution for it means we will discover something about ourselves that our normal lives do not reveal and in this exploration we will have the opportunity to release the restrictions of our identity and expand beyond


TRUST IN THE PERFECTION OF THIS MOMENT Sometimes we can let our plans get in the way of realizing the perfection of this very moment. We can get so busy planning ahead and worrying about the outcomes trying to ensure things work out how we want them , that we actually miss the fact that this very moment right now, everything is perfectly OK. When we are busy living in the future we are not present to the present. And when we live like this we miss the very gift, the present

Opening New Doors

When one door is closed to us a better one will open When in life the way ahead seems Closed to us we can feel indignant and challenged. We believe that out Freedom is being blocked And can feel called to rise up against this suppression. However The question also arises how can this be serving us?. If we are willing to look carefully we can ask why this diversion has appeared on our path and instead of insisting on continuing the way we feel we have to, we can stop and look


AS WE FREE OTHERS FROM OUR IDEALS WE ALSO FREE OURSELVES Many of us hold people up to very high ideals, and when they do not live up to them we feel quite just in judging them and often making defamatory comments about there nature. And look for support from others to back up these judgments and justify this behavior. The trouble with this is that it creates exclusion, and when we exclude others we separate ourselves from aspects of our own identity. In holding others to high


Trust is built through total acceptance of what is and our willingness to make space for honesty to be revealed Trust is the corner stone of all relationships. Without it we are uneasy and unable to build understanding or agreement. Yet how do we build this essential aspect with our friends families and relationships. Quite often we mistakenly believe that to trust someone is for them to do what we want or what we need, but really the basis for trust is honesty. Rather than

Authentic Challenge

WHEN OUR AUTHENTICITY IS CHALLENGED DON’T DEFEND INSTEAD LOOK WITHIN & DISCOVER WHAT NEEDS TO BE DROPPED Normally the first thing we do when our our Authenticity is challenged is to defend our standpoint with indignation, then the next is to reduce the challenger to less than us ,so we can dismiss their opinion as invalid and stay in our ivory tower of righteousness. However like many things in life this kind of separation mindset , allows us to stay right in our own mind but


ONCE WE SET THINGS IN MOTION DON’T INTERFERE, TRUST ALL OUTCOMES ARE DESIGNED FOR OUR BENEFIT So often we cam have “Sticky Fingers” , this is when we set something in motion but instead of allowing it to run its course , we get super involved and micro manage the situation. If we haven’t got communication or an update we can feel apprehensive and start to insist, trying to force an outcome or result. However as we will learn this doesn’t work , all insistence breeds resistan


The perfect outcome is available when we stop limiting its expression with our fear Once we have set a desire in motion the universe sets to work to bring about its perfect manifestation , aligned with the grander perspective of what feeling we wish to experience is at the root of that desire . Yet quite often we limit its expression in our lives by thinking we have the knowledge to direct the outcome to meet our needs. What we can fail to realize is that quite often this dir


When we choose our own intuition over another’s influence to guide us we choose authentically The power of peer pressure in our lives Is a very real Force. Most of our thinking has been very heavily influenced by our parents , our family, our friends and now with the advent of social media, by the pressures we feel to live up to some version of ourselves that meets society’s vision of what is acceptable . This sometimes overwhelming perception is full of contradictions and mi


There is no justification for oppression the answer is always compassionate consideration Sometimes we may feel that life is a battle and the only way to gain what we want is to use force to get it . So when another seems to be at odds with this we assess the situation and if we feel they are in the wrong then we feel justified to use our strength in an oppressive manner preventing others so we may achieve our goals. Yet the problem with this behavior is that the other is alw


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