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Acceptance Leads to Resolution



The first step towards resolution is acceptance. Quite often we are faced with challenging situation and our first thing we do is resist it. We try to avoid it we try to negate it, we try to push it on somebody else, yet it is only when we truly own what is happening in that we can start the process towards resolution.

Every challenge that comes to us is going to lead us on a journey whether it be an exterior one or an interior one with our emotions. That is why it has occurred and if we are busy putting all our energy into resistance then we prolong and increase the intensity of the experience. Yet if we are willing to except it and surrender to the feelings that are arising for us we can gain the gifts from this experience.

Even if we do not mentally understand why this is happening, or how it will resolve , simply trusting that this has occurred for all involved to evolve from, then we can be more ready to help ourselves and others. One of the most supportive places to be is at peace with what is for this place of grace and serenity is the doorway towards healing.

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