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When we have decided on a course of action that we feel best serves our goals , we can understandably become frustrated when the things don't go according to plan . We've often calculated what we think is the best way to meet them and believe that if things follow that route we are on course , yet if the change we can be disturbed and even irritated by this shift.

Interestingly enough sometimes we are not even sure this is the best route, but is the route we have set out on and thus we become attached to its execution believing it will bring us to our destination and falsely attach the idea that it is the only way . This of course is not correct as if we stop to think we know logically there are many ways to arrive at a goal .

When we are able to shift our perspective and become more fluid with both the journey and the destination, we open ourselves up to a much wider scope of possibilities. Realizing that divine timing is realigning things to always serve our highest agenda of evolution .

So if when things unexpectedly change instead of meeting them with worry we meet them with optimism . We become curious as to how our previous plan is going to be upgraded either by a better route or a more dynamic destination , trusting that this will ultimately serve our grander goals of evolution , joy and peace in a new an exciting way.

How can you Trust the changes that are unfolding ??

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