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All of us have an internal Guidance system , a sixth sense , that will point us in the right direction towards our dreams yet quite often the direction it leads us too doesn't make sense based on our our current level of thinking . When this happens we second guess it and because we cant see the logic or it doesn't align with what we think is the correct way we dismiss it .

The thing about this is that it is coming from out higher self , from an elevated viewpoint of the BIG U that sees above our small self's perspective and thus has a larger scope of information from which to guide us . Much like GPS maps in a car or phone we have learnt to trust its advise and relax and follow the route knowing it is taking into account things we are not aware.

The great thing about this is that we can learn to Trust this inner voice and when we get a hunch to stop somewhere or take an unexpected turn , or make a call , we listen to it and find ourselves lining up with unexpected experiences, meeting friends or new people that can help us or provide insight or ideas we would not have known otherwise .

So learn to stop second guessing yourself and be open to the guidance and life becomes an exciting journey of magical opportunities.

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