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Updated: May 6, 2022

No Matter the Scale of the Challenge the ease of its resolution is always relative to your trust that it will be resolved

When we have a large challenge arise the scale of it can be daunting as we try to mentally figure out how we can solve the problem ahead of us ,however the size of the situation is not the factor which is most important in its resolution but trust we have that it will be resolved.

To the universe wether big or small it is our own attitude towards it that creates the difficulty of its resolution. If we react in fear or overwhelm trying to figure out how we are going to solve things then we create resistance that hinders the situation, yet we realize that whatever has arisen always gets sorted out then we can choose to trust the process and move from a place of curiosity not panic, in our interactions as we take the steps to resolution.

The energy we are holding reflects on the people places and things around us creating either resistance or ease . So when we feel overwhelmed or worried we unconsciously put out an antagonistic vibe as we try to get people to feel sorry for us since we can feel life is unfair, this just adds to the friction and creates delays and step-backs .

Yet when we are willing to see all as an opportunity to practice Trust and know that whatever is needed for the smooth resolution of the situation will occur, we can simply take each step in the process with an inquisitive outlook, and non attachment to how it will work out . When we come from this place then we are meet with that reflection and meet different people who come forth to support us and align with our optimism and positivity.

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