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When we have the courage to Trust our higher vision we can surrender to its guidance and discover our unlimited selves in the experience.

All of us have the general ideology of our culture influenced by religion beliefs , scientific ideas and social norms , this creates an operating system from which we as a society function within . Yet this framework is a collective vision which has its underpinnings in lack and survival above all else . What happens is that we become obsessed with being Safe and Secure spending our energy on protecting ourselves and avoiding risks.

The problem with this is that in avoiding risks we also avoid our evolution. In trying to retain our identities we shy away from the very guidance that would take us on new adventures to the unknown, where we will discover new aspects of ourselves as we evolve to each new challenge.

The greater guidance of the BIG U is always looking from a higher perspective and when we feel this , as intuition or instinct and have the courage to follow its direction without knowing the outcome , we access a much grander vision not only for ourselves but for those whose life we touch . For when they see our confidence it engenders trust and they too can surrender to a new an exciting journey of exploration both of themselves and each other .

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